Save More Money for Your Business  
In business, you know that every dollar counts, especially during hard economic times.  That’s why having your carpets regularly cleaned actually extends the life of your carpets, keeping you from having to replace them sooner.
Keep a Healthy, Happy Workplace
Our equipment removes the allergens and bacteria in your carpet, which cuts down on the spread of illness in the workplace.  Fewer sick days means higher productivity.  
We are Your Partner for Success
As an owner-operated business, we emphasize integrity in everything we do.  We work hard to bring you the highest value at the most competitive rates around.  Our equipment removes up to 98% of all soils, which means floors dry faster, and stay cleaner longer.  Call us for a Free Estimate, and we can also introduce you to an “Extended Carpet Care” maintenance program that will fit your budget and help keep your carpets looking refreshed and newer longer.
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