Why Buy New Carpet?  Revive and save $$$.
In a sluggish economy, having your existing carpet cleaned regularly can actually help you save money by extending and enhancing the life of your carpets.  Our professional cleaning service will remove up to 98% of all soils, leaving virtually no residue behind to attract more dust and dirt.  We can introduce you to our “Extended Carpet Care” maintenance program that fits your lifestyle and will help keep your carpets looking refreshed and newer longer.
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Environmentally Safe for Your Household
The most prevalent element used to clean your carpets is simply- WATER.  Once cleaned, your carpet is as safe to walk on as it was before.  As a family company, we are proud to use 100% biodegradable cleaning materials, which are allergen-free and safe for your family.  Click Here to download PDFs of our Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
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