Exceptional Standard of Quality
As an owner-operated business, we take pride in our high-level of professional standards in customer satisfaction.  From theater chains to the neighborhood homes ‘down the street’, our customers have all commented on our ability to do what the others can’t, and fast drying times.  But don’t take our word for it.  Check out some of our customers’ testimonials, as well as these “before & after pictures”.
“You’re going to clean with that?”
Though small, our portable machines meet and exceed industry standards for the most effective, powerful and professional cleaning systems available.  Unlike other conventional extractors, they do not saturate your carpet with water and chemicals to remove soil and residue. Rather, they contain patented air induction tools that atomize a specially formulated cleaning solution to create a high-powered continuous flow that removes up to 98% of all soils.
What does that all mean?  Your carpets get cleaner and they dry faster than with other systems.
How Safe Are Our Cleaning Agents?
The most dominant ingredient we use to clean your carpets is - WATER.  As a family company, we are proud to use 100% biodegradable cleaning materials, which are allergen-free and safe for your family.  Click here to download PDF files of all our Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).  
How Can I Schedule a Cleaning?
First, call our office (262) 338-1020 to get your free estimate.  Our knowledgeable staff will explain the process thoroughly to you, and schedule a time to clean that best fits your schedule.  For best results, is is recommended that you pre-vacuum your carpets, and remove any large furniture you want cleaned underneath.  Be sure to ask about our carpet maintenance programs to keep your carpets looking refreshed, and cleaner longer!
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